Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dallas Museum

Yesterday me mom and Shiloh went to the Dallas museum of Art. At the museme they had a kid area that had a bar full of crafts so I made a crown. Then we went to see some paintings for a long time. The art museum has four floors, me and Shiloh could only last for two floors.
My favorite thing I saw was some old greek paintings. They had old gold greek jewlery as well.
We walked there from our appartment because we live 10 minutes away.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in Dallas

Well we are in dallas and we rented a aparment and its awesome plus it comes with a pantery and me and shiloh share our one bedroom. Our pool is on the 8th floor so the pool looks like its going off a clif.
The apartment had a big ester hunt. They had a Easter egg hunt for both kids and Adults. There was a giant bunny, that didnt look like a bunny, because he was really tall and skinny. THere was food, a ballons, a DJ playing music, and lots of fun. The kid hunt had some golden eggs wich had suprises in them, but me and shiloh didnt get any golden eggs because all of the 4 year olds started first and there parents picked all the golden eggs for them, when the big kids went there were only candy eggs left, but me and Shiloh had fun.
After the Easter egg hunt we went to the farmers market and I got lots of good fruit.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well a couple of weeks ago on Sunday we decided to go on a walk. When we were about to sit down on our walk dad and mom and shiloh called me so when I came dad said that there was a snake and then I said where and dad said I think its poison because its skin color was Orange black Orange black and then I said I dare you to grab a stick and push the snake onto land. At first dad didn't want too, but then dad grabbed a thick stick and quickly push the snake on land and then the snake got really mad, then it started to hiss at me and dad and mom and shiloh so I got a Little close to the snake and then it started to hiss at me so then we were really scared.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adventure of Corpus Christi

well last wensday right across our hotel there was a beach so me and dad and shiloh were going to the baech to explor. so we walk to the beach then when we got there it started to get fogey but that didnt matter to us so we kept walking untill we founed a dead blow fish it was pretty cool so then we kept on walking and then we found a big dead flat fish now the big dead flat fish wasnt so fascinating as the blow fish so then we kept on walking then we found a jelly fish that washed up on the seashore. now that was really cool so then dad dared me to touch the jelly fish at first i didnt want to becase i thought it woud sting me but then i asked dad would you touch it? then dad said aaaa ya sure, then do it i asked ,ok ok said dad, so dad touched it realy quick so then i realy quick touched it. it felt realy sqeashy so then we ketp on walking then a coupel of minuts later we saw a bounch of jelly fishes every were on the seeshore. there were probably 20 of them. then it started to rain so we headed home

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Enchanted Dome

well today we went hiking by some big desert hills and when we found the rite hill we started to hike up the mountain and when it was at least ten minutes form the start of mountain it really started to get windy
in fact it got so windy i almost fell over. so then
when we reach the top of the mountain we started to look for the cave and still it was really windy it felt really good. so we kept on walking until i found a little crack so just me and dad squeezed in to the crack to check it out while mom and shiloh waited.
The cave was very cold we had to crawl through some tight spaces and down some steep slippery cliffs. We were down there for a couple of hours exploring. Mom saw a white trianchela spider.
We had a lot of fun. After our hike we went to BBQ at Rudys, got ice cream and when we came home all of our cloths smelled likeBBQ then aftere that went swimming in our pool.